Calladita te vez más Bonita|黙っていたらカワイイのに!

Danza Performatica (Compañia Baron) | gender, bodies, stereotypes
ダンスパフォーマンス | ジェンダー・身体・ステレオタイプ

Dilery Sanchez
Nami Gonda


Calladita te vez mas bonita

photo by GADIWO

Artist name
Nami Gonda / Dilery Sanchez

Semblance of the piece
Calladita te vez mas bonita

In this new age, there are a lot of stereotypes, sometimes we lose who we are.
And in this piece, we express our honesty, who we are.
How perceive ourselves.
We expose how we feel and think about politics, society, religion, authority and hope.
Even we live in different countries, we feel the same kind of feelings about these issues.
When we met first, we talked about these issues, we found the similarities and felt empathy that the way of humane way to lives in the big cities.
We are saying only a opinion, and our feeling about our context.
The way the people think that the stereotypes of girls have to be.
How expose a woman to be looked.
How people accept and assume how women have to be.
We expose the other aspects of women / human, which society hides.
We think our society, saturate of how you have to be.
The society force people how they live.
Actually we have a lot of choices to be ourselves, but the society forced people not to choice these ways.
It’s hard to find our freedom, find ourselves.
All the time, thare are conflicts between me and information that we see the stereotype that we have to be.